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Kela Naturals is a small, online skincare business that was started by Suraiya Yakubu. She ventured into skincare products when she was in search of a product to treat her son’s eczema back in 2014. After trying several products without success, she began researching DIY eczema-relief solutions from all-natural ingredients. She eventually found a solution in one of her recipes. The obsession that led her down this path grew into a hobby, which later helped her formulate other recipes that were used primarily by her family. This success led her to found Kela Naturals with the aim of sharing these amazing all-natural products with people who have dry skin, eczema-related conditions, as well as with those who just want to go all-natural in their daily skincare routines. Kela Naturals’ other source of inspiration came from the founder’s own nostalgic experience with shea butter growing up in her native Salaga, Ghana. She, together with her siblings, would walk miles to the forest to fetch shea nuts, the raw material for shea butter which, in recent years, has gained popularity in the skincare industry due to its amazing cosmetic benefits, and is also a popular ingredient in some Kela Naturals products. The shea nuts would then be converted to shea butter locally mostly by very industrious women. It is, thus, part of Kela Naturals’ goal to purchase the shea butter from these hardworking women as a way of supporting and promoting their businesses and to motivate them so that they have something to wake up to every day.